Monday, April 25, 2011


Over the past two nights I painted the background for scene 1 of my Harry Potter Short.
For those of you that are at all interested in my process when I paint here it is.
From the bottom up.

1. Drew a rough thumbnail sketch of the shot to get the layout the way I wanted.
2. Painted a colour key which is a very rough, simple, low detail painting that describes the colour
palette and explore the mood of the shot.
3. I then drew a tighter, cleaner line drawing so I could have a better guide to paint. Think of it as a colouring book.
It's a guide so I'll stay in the lines and not go too far off the original idea.
4. Then layer by layer I painted all the different elements of the shot. This is the middle ground where the majority of the action
will take place.
5. And finally here's the final background as it will look in the short which I will animate on top of.


  1. Well done! Did you paint the backgrounds in ToonBoom (bitmap?) or exported them from Photoshop? What version of TB do you use?

    1. I paint the backgrounds in Photoshop or any other painting software. That's one thing ToonBoom isn't good for is painting. I use ToonBoom Animate but you can do almost all the same stuff in ToonBoom studio.