Wednesday, April 27, 2011


As I promised I'm posting more often and it seems like people really favour how I'm posting my process while I work.
So here's another background for my Harry Potter spoof short.

1. This is my rough layout to get an idea of where everything will be placed in the shot. You can see that I drew the character in this as well. I have to draw him in to make sure I'll have enough room for him and still see everything else that's going on. I also drew the background a little wide as well because in this shot there will be a camera move. So I made sure to leave room
for that to happen.

2. The colour key: a rough representation of the mood and colour palette for the shot.

3. The cleanup drawing to make sure I have a nice clean guide to paint in.

4. And the final piece. For those of you Harry Potter fans out there. You can clearly see what scene I'm going to
be spoofing by this painting.

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