Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Hey everyone. So a couple people have requested that I post a frame by frame image of when the hulk transforms. This isnt every single frame or that would be 30 frames or something. But here are the main key poses that I drew to make the transformation. You should be able to fill the gaps in with your imagination. Like I've said in the past I love animating transformations like these. They are so much fun to do in 2d because it's all up to you. It'd be really hard to do stuff like this in 3D for sure unless the rig was set up for you perfectly to do it.
P.S. some of you have asked where my facebook page is. The address is Thanks for the questions and keep'em coming. Don't forget to subscribe to my youtube channel so you don't miss any uploads. Thanks for all the support everyone.

Monday, June 25, 2012

EVERYDAY HULK: in the bathroom

It's done. I would like to present "EVERYDAY HULK" Tell me what you think. I have a couple more scenarios planned and will hopefully start them within the week. I'm really surprised this cartoon only took me 5 days to do considering my "HARREY PODDER" cartoon took me 3 months. By the way Stodoe Studios is now on facebook so be sure to go on and "like us" to be sure to get all the up to date releases at Also be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel at Thanks again for all your support. I'm really enjoying working on these. I don't see it stopping anytime soon.

Thursday, June 21, 2012


Here's a little sneek peek at a little cartoon I'm working on right now. I'm going to be making a short series of these. The working title for it right now is "EVERY DAY HULK" It's a bunch of little short parody jokes, much like the Harrey Podder ones. The first one should be done by early next week. So make sure you subscribe to my youtube page ( and my blog to get the notification when it's done. Keep checking back. I have a lot of these planned.