Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Tonight I finally got to the point where I started animating. It was nice to get back into it. Started off rusty and racking my brain trying to remember how to use the software. I find I wait so long inbetween cartoons that I have to re-learn the software every time. Thank goodness it's a pretty easy program to learn. Anywhere here's and image of the title animation for my newest short that I'm working on. Anyone have any guess as to what I'm parodying? HAHA. I'll try to keep on adding updates like this as I go. Enjoy. Thanks for your support and compliments so far. They keep me going.


  1. WOW i can't wait!!! i love you harry potter parody! <3 i hope you make some behind the scenes videos and blog posts too with this one :)

  2. I'm pretty interested in improving my animations, Do you recommend some forum or tutorial?