Wednesday, May 23, 2012

"PUSH IT" starring the animators of Dreamworks.

Here's yet another silly music video done as a kick off video for Dreamworks' "Animation Day" which was an excuse to get all animators from the Glendale campus and the Redwood City campus together for a day. Did a bunch of activities and even Jeffrey Tambor from "Arrested Development" came in to head up an acting workshop for it. It was a great day. Steve and I were asked to shoot this video to start the day off with a bang. We joined forces with some of the PDI guys Rani Naamani, Scott LaFleur and Carlos Peurtolas. Enjoy.


  1. You are amazing i envy everything you do. Im currently working on some animations myself. Do you have any pointers for me?
    - Jarrett Shelton (Huntington Beach, CA)

    1. Thank you Jarrett. That's really nice of you to say. It's hard to give you a couple of pointers because I'm not quite sure what type of animation you're doing. Is it 3d computer animation or hand drawn?
      Either way just know that it takes a long time to do and you have to be patient. It's not going to look perfect the first time and you may have to change things as you go. But it is worth it. WHen you see something you've animated come to life it really is amazing. So take your time. Look at movies you like for reference and watch them in slow motion so you can see how they did it. It will really help. Good luck. It's a really fun career.


  2. Well i currently work with Adobe Flash CS5 and its all 2D animation. I was wondering what software you use to record your voice. And by the way I just love the movie you guys at Dreamworks did called "The Road to El Dorado" me and my sister have seen it just about 100 times. So thanks for the reply and good luck with your marriage. Also if you would just take a quick look at my crappy animations on YouTube, i would really appreciate it

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