Sunday, March 13, 2011


Well, I've finally gone out and started putting together the equipment and software that I need to do my own work. I've decided
that I'm tired of having ideas for films and shorts and not doing anything about it. So Now that I actually have a computer that can handle it, I'm proud to announce that I've started to create my own animated films, shorts and skits. So I bring you my production company, STODOE STUDIOS.

Stay tuned for my upcoming work.


  1. Thanks Sean,
    If you liked this you should keep checking back. I noticed in your profile that you like Harry Potter. Well my first project that I'll be doing is a spoof on Harry Potter so check back. you wont be disappointed.


  2. Haha.. can't stop watching it.

  3. Can't wait. I had a Harry Potter short I was messing around w/ a while back, 'cept it was called Harry Pooter and wasn't cute... anyway! Can't wait to see your stuff!

  4. Awesome material, I´m from argentina, so sorry because my english isn´t perfect. Last year I finished my studies in Computer Engineery and I studied 2D and 3D animation, so I really want to be so awesome like you, Now I´m alone with this, but seeing your things you inspired me to do my best. Thanks for all, and sorry for my English, jaja.

  5. That's great! I feel ya, I have the same desires. It really is just about doing it and not waiting on tomorrow. Thanks for doing that because I really enjoy your animations. :D

  6. You are amazing !!

    Greetz from Holland !

  7. So what is the equipment and software setup you got in place to be able to do this?