Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Years ago my twin brother Paul and I agreed we'd be eachother's best men when the time came to get married. And whenever we decided that I always knew I wanted to do something special for him when it came to my speech. This is the result.
Congratulations Paul and Cheyenne.

(for those of you that don't know me. Dont judge me based on the drawings. I had only a couple of months to do a 6 minute short in the evenings. So I couldnt spend as much time as I would have liked.)
(why do I always apologize for everything I do?)


  1. Very creative David. Nice idea. Wonder if you actually gave a real best man speech at Paul's wedding reception.

    Posted the video on The Best Man Speech Blog with a link back to your blog. You can view it here -



  2. I wonder what you mean by " Wonder if you actually gave a real best man speech at Paul's wedding reception."
    This was my speech. I went up at the reception and introduced myself and then played this and when it was finished gave a little closing remark. It went over very well. Got a very unexpected standing ovation. Made everyone cry. The whole shebang.


  3. Hello David....I was wondering if you are able to make a video for a couple of how they met? Has anyone ever asked you to do videos for them on their wedding...I love the idea? Are you able to do a video for my fiancee and I of how we met...?? How much do you charge?? The best speech I have ever seen

  4. Hi CBC girl. (sorry I dont know your real name)

    I do in fact work on freelance jobs for people and am always interested in working with new clients.
    As for how much I would charge for this, that would completely depend on what was involved, how long the movie would last, what level of animation or drawing was involved. How simple or complex the backgrounds are and many other things.
    If you are serious about contacting me about this type of work please go to my youtube page and contact me through there. That way I can correspond with you directly and not have to write comments back and forth for everyone to see.

    Thank you for watching. I'm so happy that you enjoyed it so much.